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Under the Sea

So, I wrote this blog last week but I didn't post it as it was about my sisters birthday present and her birthday wasn't until Thursday.

Anyway, I was racking my brains on how I was going to get around buying birthday presents without it being preloved (not everyone likes preloved / vintage) and sometimes the sustainable presents are a bit generic on certain sites, plus it was my sisters 30th Birthday so I wanted it to be something special. So with a little bit of internet searching I managed to find the perfect present.

It was an under the sea initial necklace from Honu, super cute, totally my sisters vibe AND totally sustainable as it's made from 100% recycled sterling silver, made in the UK and with plastic free packaging. On top of that they plant trees to offset their carbon footprint AND they donate a portion of the proceeds to the Sea turtle conservancy. How amazing is that. It's a beautiful necklace too and their collection is great as you can buy different length chains meaning that you can create a really cool layered look. ALSO, it didn't cost the earth, literally and monetary wise, it was only £35 with free worldwide shipping.

I didn't just want to send it in its cardboard packaging so I bought a vintage shell coin purse off eBay; the necklace was meant to come with a cotton bag which I was relying on to use as the packing but I managed to find some tissue paper that I had lying around from a christmas gift.

Anyway, my sister loved it, she even told her friend about it who loves turtles so hopefully thats another sustainable company that is going to get another purchase from all the sustainable good vibes.

If you're interested in the website link is below:

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