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Hi beauts (we like to talk like we know each other & are already pals) thanks for swinging by our virtual vintage emporium.

We thought we take a moment to briefly introduce ourselves; so here goes.

We are both costume designers / stylists so we have a quite a large collection that we have acquired. However not all garments that we have acquired are our brand vibe, so once a month we offer the opportunity to other vintage sellers to buy these garments that are their vibe to help their brand build; as we are all here to help each other & increase the awareness of how fabulous wearing vintage is.

Cheselle (gal with the ginger hair) has bought & sold vintage since 2010. She's always had quite a unique style & even when she was a child she used to wear wacky mismatched clothes. She started shopping in Charity shops when she was very young as her Nanny & Grandma used to look after her during the summer holidays & its where they used to go. In her twenties she started buying clothing & when she was done wearing it she would sell them on eBay. From 2010 onwards she reducing her rather large wardrobe & by doing so she realised that some of her stuff was actually worth something. It kind of turned into a hobby from then. She love's the research side of it all, finding out about brands, looking at the streets the shops were on & how their style changed over the years.

Next we have Jason (guy with the orange hat). Jason is new to the vintage world but has always had enviable style. He wears what he wants when he wants & tends to be ahead of the times. He invests in classic items & understands the value in quality over quantity. Jason loves history & also being creative so vintage is a great way to scratch both of those itches.

So thats it really, at the moment we are only selling online as we see it as the safest option for us all but we hope to continue doing vintage fairs & pop up's when this pandemic allows us.

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