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Dopamine Dressing

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Definition: dressing with the intention of boosting your mood. Color, style, and texture can all have psychological associations and are often tied to memories.

Hey pals, so as some of you may have seen we went to Amsterdam recently and while there I dopamine dressed every day (2 outfits a day in fact). Since the pandemic I just haven't been bothered about what I wear, not because I didn't care what was in my wardrobe or my personal style anymore but with nowhere to go it was hard to get motivated. However Amsterdam was our time to shine.

I did a lot of planning with what I was going to wear (this is the only way we can put our looks together as we currently live out of a tiny room and one wardrobe, so much fun haha) and this in itself was fun for me, but I was adamant to make myself even happier by Dopamine Dressing; and you may not believe it but Dopamine Dressing is something that has been on the fashion scene from 2017 but finally, in 2022 it is THE THANG!!!

What is Dopamine?

Just in case you aren’t 100% sure (I know I wasn't), dopamine is the chemical our bodies create that makes us feel good. That can be anything from hearing a song we like, shopping, seeing family and friends or if you're like me, ticking things off a list, it feels so so sooooo good. It’s also what makes some things so addictive (like list making, I am prolific list maker) much like playing video games. Those video games are designed to press the button in your brain that creates dopamine. So before you know it, you’ve spent 10 hours playing crash bandicoot (that shows you right there that I don't play video games, retro AF).

What is Dopamine Dressing?

If you’ve seen this new trend mentioned recently but you aren’t really sure what it’s all about then let me fill you in. Dopamine dressing is quite simply dressing in exciting colours, patterns, textures and basically living your best life through your wardrobe. Most people in some way suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) so Dopamine Dressing is a great way to get yourself out of that mood. It might sound a little floaty, but it actually works! But it doesn't have to mean you have to widely step out of your comfort zone by rocking a neon fluffy boobtube and low rise acid wash skinnies (unless that is your vibe of which go you hun!!) but by simply wearing a colour that cheers you up or a pattern that brings back a happy memory is a sure fire way to uplift you. It can even be wearing white or adding a fun patterned lightweight scarf as a belt or going all out and wearing a smiley jumper (totally the rage right now, I'm on the hunt for a vintage one so if any of ya'll see one hit me up) its all about making your wardrobe happy. Yellow and orange are popular choices for a lot of people, It’s like dreaming of a beach holiday while it's pouring down with rain outside (you can tell I live in Wales right).

Who is Dopamine Dressing for?

Honestly? Everyone! This isn’t a fashion trend that is limited by age or gender or even season. When you see a child wearing bright yellow dungarees and having a great time playing and smiling, you smile. Because happiness can if you allow it, be infectious; and that infectious joy works on adults too. Someone wearing a bright colour on a dreary day gives you a little bit of excitement, the same as you might get from biting into some chocolate or buying something for yourself.

How to Dopamine Dress

Dopamine dressing isn’t just about wearing bright things, although for most that’s exactly what it is! Dopamine dressing generally speaking is wearing anything that gets you in that happy vibe. So when you wear a suit, wear a colourful one or one with a pattern on it. If you’re in a strict black suit type of company, put a colourful patterned tie on or bright socks. Perhaps you work somewhere where you wear a uniform but in your free time or on your day off wear whatever colours make you happiest! Forget about dressing for the season. Go wild! Wear animal print. Break out the stripes. It’s all good because it’s all about what makes you happy. It's also not just about colour as for me textures and fabrics are key; chunky wool or super soft silk not only looks stunning but also feels great on the skin, therefore happy vibes. If it makes you happy, have fun!

The Hard Stuff

Now, there are a few words of warning. Dopamine dressing, no matter how fun it is, is never going to get you out of a depression on its own. It’s a small boost, like your morning coffee. It can be a powerful tool when used alongside other types of self care but just like salad it won’t help you lose weight on its own, wearing yellow trousers won’t cure your depression. If you are really and truly depressed please see a medical professional. There also seems to be something about the colour blue, unless it happens to be your absolute favourite colour, blue is kind of grey when it comes to being able to improve your mood. So, maybe don’t pick blue unless you really love it. Oddly though, grey can absolutely be a colour that picks you up! If it’s a shade you love.

All in all Amsterdam was a dream, we obvs picked up some gorgeous things for us and Coco's including a pretty bundle of vintage aprons that we need to list and also some bright beauties. Click this link to see the Dopamine Dressing Collection that we've put together we have new items we want to add to it which we will be doing daily but for now there are over 80 items on there ready and waiting to boost your mood hun!!!!!!!

I'm off now to add some delightful dopamine garms from our Etsy to our website although the link is below for now, mucho's love you sustainable bunch xxxxxx

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