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ST Dwynwen's Day

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

This is a week later than it should be but the 25th January is Welsh Valentines.

We don't really celebrate it but this year I decided to buy Jason my partner a gift. Now it may not seem very romantic but when we buy each other gifts its usually something we want / need buying something for the sake of it is something we are completely against.

It was a hoodie. See told you it wasn't romantic.

But it wasn't any hoodie, it was a hoodie by Pangaia one thats made from 50% Organic Cotton & 50% Recycled Plastic & the black colour is created using Environmentally Friendly Dyes and a recycled water system. How fabulous.

On each page it shows you how if you buy that item it'll benefit the environment, for example this hoodie's stats are...

11.9km of driving emissions avoided

854.9 days of drinking water saved

1.5 t-shirts diverted from landfill

On top of that the product packaging is part bio-based, acting to preserve the hoodie in transit but also the environment. As long as you discard it responsibly in a compost bin or similar it means that it will fully disappear within 24 weeks.

(How all clothing brands are able to get away with still using plastic when this is an option is beyond me, but DO NOT GET ME started, especially now that ASOS have bought most of Arcadia's brands, just what we need more fast fashion pumped into the world using fossil fuels...I digress...Sort of...)

They aren't as cheap as every day hoodie's you can pick up from places like Primark or H&M but that's exactly it, IT ISN'T CHEAP, not one item of clothing should cost the earth but when you buy cheap from the high street then that is exactly what it does, not for your pocket but for your future on this planet.

We're hoping to go travelling end of this year and if we do, I am totally going to order myself the Cuffed Joggers & Cropped Seaweed Top as nightwear. I'm also thinking of treating myself to the High Neck Dress to wear with some chunky high tops for comfortable style when going from country to country.

Click the highlighted items above to check out what gorgeous staple pieces they have & also give this Vogue article a little read before you do.

Unsustainable shopping this week £0.00

Total unsustainably spent so far £0.00

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