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Love Memories

So here's another delayed post, I know I said I was only going to blog on Monday's but this was because to the same reason I did the last one late, except this time it was my Mum's 60th Birthday with a present problem.

Before I tell you about my amazing find I just wanted to fill you in on my family situation; for those of you who don't know, my parents and sister lives just over 100 miles away, so this lockdown has been pretty tough as I would normally go to visit them and spend lots of time with them. So far I have only seen my family 4 times in over 12 months, I have missed many monumental moments such as my Dad's 60th last summer, my sister and her husband announcing her pregnancy and not being able to be there with her or through it and seeing her grow, my gorgeous niece being born, her first Christmas (we still haven't met her), my sister turning 30 and now my Mum turning 60. It's been quite a hard time for me and I am a real tough cookie so I don't tend to show it or make a song and dance about it but on the harder days I just shake myself out of it and thank how lucky I am that they are all safe and healthy and I know that I will be able to see them and hug them again.

Now, back to the present situation. It's always a difficult one with my sister and Mum's birthday being so close together and so close Christmas to try and think of thoughtful lovely gifts, but I smashed it with my sisters and I think I smashed it with my Mum's.

Now for my Dad I bought him a foodie hamper as the weather was nice (his birthday is in June) and I was hoping that he would have been able to have a socially distant small party with my sister and her husband in the garden with some lovely food, as even though I couldn't be there to enjoy it with them (they all live over 100 miles away) I knew they would have had a nice time. But for my Mum her birthday is in January so it's bound to be cold and wet (got to love the Welsh weather but its why we have such gorgeous green mountains). So I thought why not get my mum jewellery too. For a moment I was like, no, my Dad made the mistake of buying her jewellery a few years ago & then I remembered the story behind that exact gift and I thought I just had to get her one.

So the story goes like this; I think I was 7 or 8 years old, it was around Christmas, she was in the bath and I went in to talk to her. While I was there I said to her "I know what your Christmas present is, but I'm not going to tell you, but it begins with a L, it's like L-LO-LOCK- but I'm not telling you anymore" & then probably pirouetted out of the bathroom as I could never keep still. Safe to say my Mum knew that for Christmas she was getting a locket from my Dad. Anyway, I decided to get one for her as it came with a funny story as well as being a gift that she can keep.

Problem I had was that I wanted to get her a Clogau Gold necklace. The reason behind this delightful brand is...

1. Its Welsh

2. Their jewellery is beautiful and my Mum likes it

3. We work with them on their advertising campaigns and they are a lovely family so I would rather give back to them

But I really didn't want to get her a 2nd hand one (not that there is anything wrong with 2nd hand, I mean jeez I own 3 businesses that run exclusively like it, I just didn't want to for my Mum's 60th Birthday present, unless it was like a super cool antique but I don't have the dollar for that right now...Anyway I digress) but I have to stick to the rules. Then I came across the official Clogau Gold eBay account where they sell off their deadstock / stock used for shoots / display. Perfect, a brand new piece of jewellery in a box AND sustainable as this was stock they no longer sold and the way normal (not Clogau obvs) companies deal with their deadstock is incinerate so this was totes sustainable. I did a little searching on eBay and sure enough I found a gorgeous heart locket that was a piece of their deadstock so not only did that mean that I got the gift I wanted and it was in the shape of a heart and my Mum loves hearts (you should see how many Welsh Love Spoons she has) but I was being sustainable and it also meant that it was a fraction of the price, meaning I saved the planet AND monies which while being a business owner during a pandemic is exactly what I needed.

Here's hoping she loves it as much as she said she did but then if she's fibbing then I'll have it as its cute AF.

If anyone is interested in saving a buck and the planet but still wanting to buy a gorgeous gift then the link for their eBay account is below:

Unsustainable shopping this week £0.00

Total unsustainably spent so far £0.00

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