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Wax Wraps

Hi guys, so I don't know if you read it but in week 2's blog I divulged on my sustainable spending. One of my new things I bought was some Beeswax to make some wraps to cover our food. I did a little research and there are many methods buts there is one that is super easy so I thought bugger it I'll give it a go.

You'll need all of the below, when it says cotton fabric I used some of the fabric from the scrap bundles we had for sale for facemasks so zero waste there but I saw one where someone used a 100% cotton shirt with a cute pattern that no longer fitted them, I totally love that as they used all the fabric from it to create the trims including the buttons for fastening of snack bags, genius!!!

So to do it, all you need is the below:

Cotton fabric

Beeswax pellets or bars

Cheese grater if you don't have pellets



Scissors or pinking shears if you have them

Parchment paper


I first washed, dried then ironed my fabric before I cut it to size, this is just to get rid of any chemicals that may be on the fabric. I cut one 14"x14" and one 7"x14" as I also wanted to try making a snack bag. Pinking shears will stop the fabric from fraying, when I do my next batch I will do mine with shears I think.

Set the iron to high.

Lay a piece of baking parchment on the ironing board and lay your fabric on top of it.

I have beeswax bars so I had to use a cheese grater to get some wax for the cotton, I just grated it on a plate and then sprinkled it across the fabric. They add a second layer of baking parchment.

Then you just iron it lightly to melt the wax, peel back once you can see that the wax has melted, sometimes you may see some patches that the wax hasn't reached so put a pellet on that spot and run the iron over it again.

Once all the wax has melted and it has cooled a little, leave it to dry by either hanging it up or leaving it on a flat surface. And there you have it, your own beeswax wrap.

When using it just wipe it down with some eco washing up liquid and cold-tepid water, remember boiling water isn't going to work as it'll just melt the wax again.

I saw a note on one of the blogs I looked at before doing it myself and that was to add jojoba oil to help keep it from cracking, so I have now bought some and am going to add it to my next batch as even though I don't see any cracking yet, I want to give it a try.

This little project is super simple, super sustainable and super savvy, I would even do it as part of a home economics class with your kids as you're also teaching them how bad plastic is for the world.

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