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Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day for yesterday you gorgeous bunch, I hope you felt the love from those around you but also the love you have for yourself.

Jason and I don't tend to celebrate Valentines Day, however before we moved in with his Mum to save for a deposit for a house we used to light some candles, cook up some nice food and just spend time with each other. We've never actually bought gifts for each other, its just not really our vibe.

This year we can't do the things we normally do, so we decided to buy each other a gift. A gift that gives back, a gift that is for everyone as well as for us. OXYGEN. Let me explain.

We decided to plant a tree for each other via the company Treedom. They plant all kinds of trees all over the world. Click the above link to see what The Telegraph said about it if you don't believe me.

We planted them as part of their "Love is in the air" package. One tree is a Banana Tree (Jason's tree as its the tree of Scorpio aka his star sign) & the other is a Cacao Tree. Each one has benefits that are rated out of 10:


10 / 10 Food Security

1 / 10 CO2 Absorption

1 / 10 Economic Development

1 / 10 Environmental Protection


1 / 10 Food Security

2 / 10 CO2 Absorption

9 / 10 Economic Development

3 / 10 Environmental Protection

You get little updates as they grow and when they start to absorb CO2, they even send you pictures of them growing. You also get updated when they start making money for the local community, so not only are you giving back to the planet literally, you are giving back to the people who are less fortunate who live on it by helping them provide for their families.

So I have decided that I am going to ask for Tree's to be planted for my birthday, different types of trees, so I can build a gorgeous little forrest.

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