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Used and Loved

A preloved Fairy Story coming to you soon...

A couple of weeks ago while starting the planning of a clothes swap with the sustainable queen @upstyleclub aka Claire and she invited us to a launch of a new company called Used and Loved at The Sustainable Studio's.

It was started by Jess and Davey because they wanted to reduce their carbon footprint to help save the planet for their children’s future; it was actually when they tried to shop preloved for their children they realised how difficult it was and that’s when the creativity started.

They created a website where you can search for preloved stuff over a variety of platforms such as @ebay & @oxfam but instead of jumping onto one website looking for, for example a yellow raincoat, you can use their website as it will list all items of that description for sale over the partners websites that they work with, so it’s in one place, genius!!

I mean, I do enjoy a physical shop and mooch every now and then but I do do a lot of my shopping online these days and we are all ridiculously busy, so Used and Love have come along to streamline this for us.

They have a great team that they work with and have new companies wanting to work with them all the times so hopefully there will be more charities and sustainable sites linking up with them soon.

They are a lovely couple and we truly hope they find a way to make the work as without sustainably minded innovative peeps like these our planet will be pucked!!!!

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