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It’s not yet been a week since my New Years resolution started and I have already bought some “new” things; but before I start my confession let me properly tell you what’s going on.

As you probably know I co own Coco’s Vintage Studio, Script to Screen Costume and also Script to Screen Productions, all of which are sustainable and zero waste companies.

Black Friday we had a huge sale at Coco’s and I invited some of my friends along, some were a little apprehensive as they hadn’t been thrifting before, they had bought from us before but this was a real thrifting spree. Anyway, they had a fab time and for some their perception of preloved/thrift/vintage/second hand or whatever you want to call it was completely changed, it was clean, organised, no stains on anything and each items was less than £10. So after getting that lush feeling when your people tag you in their fabulous purchases and seeing them styled their own way i thought, if I can change my gal pals mind on what vintage is, maybe I can do the same to others. So, on the 31st December 2020 at midnight (well it was around 10:30pm as i was asleep by 11pm) I took an oath that I wouldn’t buy anything new till 2022.

So that’s where it started, I decided that NOTHING new would be totally impossible as I may need underwear and as much as I am pro preloved, I am not up for 2nd hand panties. So I wrote myself an essentials list; now the essentials list is a list of items that if I am unable to buy them sustainably I will not be fined for doing it.

My Essentials

  1. Specs

  2. Undies

  3. Socks

  4. Tights

  5. Thermals

  6. Activewear

  7. Wellies

  8. Toiletries - Soap, deodorant, hair care, oral care, make up etc.

  9. Sewing paraphernalia

  10. Costume designer work

Some of you may say that it is possible to buy preloved to the above but this is my list and my personal preference on what I feel comfortable with. So when I’m not able to buy sustainably (exclusive of the My Essentials list) I am going to donate what I have had to spend to Friends of the Earth.

Anyway, back to my confession; I bought 3 new things BUT they are so I can make sustainable things & therefore waste less SO I do not have to pay the fine.

Purchase No.1

Beeswax - bought from LiveMoor a UK seller based in Plymouth

I am making some beeswax wraps for food to stop the use of foil (I refuse to use cling film aka the spawn of single use plastic satan).

(This is sewing paraphernalia)

Purchase No.2+3

100% organic cotton and a crochet needle bought from Laughing Hen’s

I am making face cleaning pads, I usually buy organic 100% cotton muslin type cloths but they are on their way out and ashamedly I bought them from a large company and they came in plastic packaging. So with these they will be washable and handmade so gives me another little project to do next month.

(This is sewing paraphernalia)

So there is (albeit long winded) my confession.

I am going to do my blog every Monday as part of the Motivation Monday hype and to get me inspired for the week after reflecting what I had achieved last week; it’ll be anything from where I have managed to stay 100% sustainable with my purchases, little projects like beeswax wraps and crochet make up removing pads, a week in my wardrobe as I really want to do the 333 challenge or even (like I am doing right now) going through the cupboards to use everything in it rather than buying more food.

I’m going to get back to my cupboard sorting now but to anyone who is reading this, thanks for swinging by and I just want to say thank you for anything you have done to be more sustainable, whether its ditching the plastic bottles and drinking from glass bottles only or shopping at the local market with your own bags instead of buying plastic covered food from the supermarket or even if you wore your jeans for an extra day than you normally would instead of putting them in the wash, you have just taken a step towards saving our planet.

Mucho’s Love,

Coco-Cheselle aka The Sustainable Stylist

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